Easy-to-implement self-care programs for stress resolution!

Dani Martin,
Emotional First Aid Skills Trainer

Welcome to Stress Buster Systems.

I am an Emotional Trauma Recovery Specialist with over 20 years of experience as life skills trainer. I work on the front line as a 2nd responder providing Emotional First Aid by assisting 1st responders with those impacted by emotional shock. When lives are lost, people need assistance to cope and make decisions that they are not ready for. Everyone is affected by tragedy and loss. How you choose to recover matters.

  • Are you ready to face severe life and death traumas?
  • Do you know how to heal the emotional scars?

Stress Buster Systems are designed to EMPOWER with easy to implement processes for stress resolution. Teaching essential life skills to avoid burnout, be more productive, focused & confident. Get started now for the best benefits.

Check out the free resources below, your emotional growth, needs to be nurtured, cared for, developed and recognized!

All feelings are a combination of chemicals hitting the cell receptors. You can SHIFT from the spiral of runaway emotional reactions, but you need the help of a coach to develop the self-awareness and skillset to ingrain effective habits to regulate your moods!
Emotional Mindset Mastery Bootcamp
In this upcoming eCourse, you will learn to train your brain to:
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    Improve Your “Emotional Fitness Conditioning”
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    Get Results
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    Stay Positive
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    Stay on Track
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    Choose your FEELINGS
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    Become an expert on YOU
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    Integrate technologies & techniques for an exponential effect
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    Be able to subtly teach others how to calm down and be more effective
  • Dani is one of the most unique, intelligent and strongest individuals that I know.  She is a life skills authority, and she passionate about helping others build life skills.

    MJ Green General Mills
  • "Dani, I can't thank you enough. It is succinct and just what I was looking for. You have amazing communication skills, both verbally and written, that completely astound me with your professionalism. I can only hope to become more comfortable in speaking and writing my thoughts in the future, with much practice. You are my role model, and I admire you for that."

    Robyn L.
  • RN Lucky comments: Awsome, outstanding job. said the right things at just the right times. really helped this family. Very tough case and was here for a long time.

    Inland Valley Medical Center -ER

Life skill training helps you get over the little the stuff that bugs you, the stuff that’s bugged you for a long time, and bad stuff that going to come.